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Charles Atkins
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Cosmetic Music
Cosmetic Music

When once upon a heart then fell a melody
When music had it’s start then found itself a key
It climbed up on a hill to open up it’s mouth
To give the world it’s thrill to let go something out
The Heavens were in awe for something then occurred
Without a single flaw the song at once was heard
So now we have the song thank God we have the song
The song to sing
  . . . Charles Atkins

For more from Charles go to discography page.
mp3 samples
1. Flip Flop Fly 2. Hold Me Baby 3. Tell Mama 4. Stormy Monday 5. Animal Called the Blues

Sir Charles Atkins, Professor of the Blues, Tallahassee's Soul Brother Number One: these are all titles that Charles Atkins has earned. To most people, he is known as a serious musician and a polite gentleman with a social conscious. A real, down home person, and a talented musician with a big heart. Charles learned music at the Florida School for the Blind in Saint Augustine, Florida and later earned a degree in music education at Florida State University. His chosen instruments are keyboards and vocals. He has performed with Sam and Dave, and Benny Latimore. He has since branched out on his own. Charles Atkins is not just a piano player, a soulful vocalist, and a talented songwriter; he has produced and played for other artists' recordings. Charles is willing to share his experience, teaching music in several settings. Charles plays in various groups, duos and trios, and with his most recent venture, the Charles Atkins Blues Band.

A Poem by Antwan J.Jones Called

"The Blind Musician" 4/3/2014

Smooth jazz hands hitting the piano keys like magic is a lovely habit worth not breaking to put a smile on others.

The soulful blues singer got a voice so rich and velvety sending waves of good vibes to the masses.

Legend, teacher, mentor, and friend to many but a simple every day man with many gifts that inspire.

Wise as the owl with knowledge beyond the years that serves as a staple to future generations to follow suit.

The crowd pleaser, entertainer, and showman dazzles many with his works of art on and off the stage at the end of the day he's still a cool cat with the musician's touch on life, the blind musician.


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